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This Vivian Chan maxi is currently on my wish list. I’m so tempted to buy it. Should I do it? I keep buying super dramatic pieces but don’t really have places to wear them to.

When I indulge, I indulge HARDCORE. I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I’m on holidays for three more days for a mega long weekend! Boom. #Toronto #vscocam #food #teacups #nadege



King of the jungle

ok how can you not reblog this

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Working from home means no pants today.

Have I found a new favourite flower? #flowers #ranunculus #yellow

I love the silhouette of a-line skirts. It’s so playful, so feminine and so flattering to so many body types. This is also proof you can pair a leather jacket with EVERYTHING.

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It’s not 100% healed yet and there’s a whole other part of this tattoo not in the photo, but wooooo I’m so excited about it!! Done by missleetats from chronicink

Leather everywhere! This warmer weather has been sooo nice. It’s leather jacket all the way now, a staple that will never get old for me.

I also wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Tumblr friend facetiously. She celebrated her birthday yesterday. We met through tumblr and now we’re subway buddies :)

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What’s by my front door.


life on a motorcycle

Ride on.

SAY NO TO THE PARKA! Guys, you have no idea how happy I am to be taking photos outside again.

I’m also happy that I can start to mix and match new outfits instead of falling into my winter uniform day after day.

Thank you to burntpixels for taking these photos :)

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Winter just won’t let go, will it?

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Metallic pointed-toe oxfords. I win every argument henceforth.

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